About Us

netHero was established in 2003 (back then trading as vNet). Since then several mergers changed the name, but the service remained the best, up to a point today where we can claim to be The BEST Package Hosting in South Africa. If you can find better service and/or prices we promise to eat our hats!

netHero is based on 99 years combined experience in the IT Industry and the merging of several small companies into one total solution that can now offer you much more, ranging from hosting to secure cloud email up to app development on both Android and iPhone.

Evolving and seeking new partnerships to create the ultimate solution provider in South Africa is part of our passion. We simply enjoy creating services that will astonish the rest while setting us miles apart from the competition.

We now offer you the result of .....


Quick Start

We can have you up and running in less than 15 minutes with all the bells and whistles you need. We can also setup multiple domain names within your Hosting Plan at no additional cost (a Dedicated IP for each domain will have a small cost extra).

Website Stats

Included in cPanel is graphs and statistics to help you understand the traffic that your website get, which will help you improve on your website Keywords and SEO. This critical part of any website gets left behind by most unexperienced users.

Domain Protection

Don't become a victim of "ransom" with your current website company. Get proper protection from day one. Even if you don't host with us we can still offer you Domain Protection that will secure your Intellectual Property and protect you during a dispute.

Keyword Optimization

Net Hero can assist in Google Keyword Optimization to ensure your website is shown in a Google search. Needless to say if people can't find you on Google they won't know about you and your business.


Net Hero is the Best website hosting solution is South Africa offering the best features and personal service. We offer local RSA based hosting with all the bells and whistles you need to run your own server or to offer smaller packages to your client base.

Our Services


We Guarantee the BEST service! Our prices aint the lowest but our service is the Best!


The very BEST cloud-based email solution where all devices sync and your precious email data is always backup.

Data Ability

We have 500 Tb of space to our disposal currently and unlimited web traffic for your website to run like a hungry Cheetah!


Personal and Local service makes all the difference when you are stuck with a problem. Trust us on this one!


Host your website on our local servers to ensure fast speed and functionality. Insist that your website design team uses us!

The Toolbox

All the tools your need: cPanel, MySQL, FTP, IMAP, PHP, Java, Stats & Graphs. All ready and loaded on our local Linux servers!

Cloud Email

Secure cloud email isn't just a fancy term. It's the future of Email and you will benefit.

Multi Domain

Unlike the rest, we will gladly host multiple domains for you, as long as you are within the package limits.

Domain Guard

A domain name is your intellectual property, don't let "others" hold you hostage during a dispute. Be sure from day one.


This is the grey area yes we know, but we can really make a difference if we know what you need!

Android Apps

Mobile apps are new, we know you might get confused, but let we handle it you wont be sorry!

Apple Apps

Some apps also need an iPhone version. Yes we have that ability too, and yes, we do a great job of it to be honest.

Custom Software

If you can imagine it, we can software it. We can automate your business processes and increase productivity for you.


Upgrade your old POP3 email to IMAP cloud-based email, ensuring secure storage & availability on multiple devices.

Office 365

Get Office 365 for ONLY R28 per User per month and allow your staff to work on the best and latest from Microsoft.


We call our Clients our friends. We run worry-free while we handle the technical dirt.


Daily Emails



3 Tb

Space in Use


Email Accounts

Our Solution

Website Deals


  • R2,200  

  • Basic Landing Page Website
  • We do everything for you!
  • 1 Main page
  • R400 per additional page
  • 1x Email Included 10GB
  • Additional Emails @ R90 p/m
  • Emails provided IMAP


  • R5,500  

  • Template Website Design
  • We do everything for you!
  • 3 Pages included
  • R400 per additional page
  • 1x Email Included 10GB
  • Additional Emails @ R90 p/m
  • Emails provided IMAP


  • R8,800  

  • Custom Website Design
  • We do everything for you!
  • 5 Pages included
  • R400 per additional page
  • 1x Email Included 10GB
  • Additional Emails @ R90 p/m
  • Emails provided IMAP


  • R12,000  

  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Categories
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Unlimited Gallery
  • Maintaing own Stock & Content
  • Online Cart & Payments
  • Specific design features

Hosting Solutions

Hero 50

  • R275  

  • 50 Gb Web Space
  • 250 Gb Web Traffic
  • Multi Domains Allowed
  • 20 Email Accounts
  • Support: Hourly Rate

Hero 100

  • R575  

  • 100 Gb Web Space
  • 500 Gb Web Traffic
  • Multi Domains Allowed
  • 40 Email Accounts
  • Support: Hourly Rate

Hero 200

  • R775  

  • 200 Gb Web Space
  • 1 Tb Web Traffic
  • Multi Domains Allowed
  • 60 Email Accounts
  • Support: Included

Hero 300

  • R975  

  • 300 Gb Web Space
  • 1.5 Tb Web Traffic
  • Multi Domains Allowed
  • 100 Email Accounts
  • Support: Included

Hero 500

  • R1375  

  • 500 Gb Web Space
  • 2.5 Tb Web Traffic
  • Multi Domains Allowed**
  • 100 Email Accounts
  • Support: Included

Hero 800

  • R1775  

  • 800 Gb Web Space
  • 4 Tb Web Traffic
  • Multi Domains Allowed**
  • 100 Email Accounts
  • Support: Included

Email Solutions

Mail 10

  • R90  

  • 10 Gb Mailbox Size
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Secure Cloud Storage

Mail 20

  • R130  

  • 20 Gb Mailbox Size
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Secure Cloud Storage

Mail 50

  • R210  

  • 50 Gb Mailbox Size
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Secure Cloud Storage

Additional Services

  • R35 - Dedicated IP address (monthly)
  • R97 - .co.za Domain Name (yearly)


We simply love our Resellers, because we have a passion for offering quality hosting solutions to everyone. Our first choice is therefore to offer a great service that is far more superior than the most website designers currently offer. With that said we don’t in any way suggest that website designers offer bad service; we merely acknowledge the fact that most web designers don’t have the backup and proper support to offer their clients quality website and email hosting.

The Reseller Program is therefore aimed at website designers who feel they want to stick with what they do best and leave the technical bla-bla to a company who choose to specialize in cloud email and proper hosting where all clients (domains) have proper allocated space, security and gets the attention the client deserves.

Yes many website designers will choose to ignore the fact that shared IP hosting and non-local hosting is inferior. But we do believe we can make our Reseller Program profitable yet attractive and also affordable. Choosing our Reseller Program will not only offer your clients the lowest prices but will also offer them the best features.

Our approach to Resellers is Totally Different, we actually created different hosting packages for you that you can offer to your clients as is. Our recipe, solution and combination has been test driven for many years. What we offer is a real solution. I personally want to call our Resellers our Clients because we serve you in a very unique way, with packages ready for the markrt. You simply list the packages we have on your website and start selling them as your own!

Let's compare some hosting plans other companies offer:
75 Gb = R819 p/m
300 Gb = R2399 p/m
150 Gb = R1349 p/m
With us you get 1000 Gb for R800 because we have a passion for offering value for money!

Contact us directly should you be interested in our Reseller Program. We can guarantee you won't be disappointed with our results!


28 Jakaranda street



South Africa



072 888 9980 (06:00 - 21:00)

Mondays - Sundays

Frequently Asked Question

Really, Lowest Hosting Prices?
Yes, we offer 10,000 Mb (10GB) of webspace on our smallest plan for just R50 p/m while other hosting providers offer only 100 Mb PLUS we include a Dedicated IP address for your domain! Need we say more?

What's a Dedicated IP address?
Simple, you need a dedicated IP address for every domain name you host to ensure your domain is free from black-listings and that we keep you as far away from SPAM as possible. A dedicated IP is also required for your website's SSL security certificate. We include a dedicated IP address with every hosting plan we offer! To ensure your domain isn't part of a shared IP you can you a Reverse IP check using this link. Don't become a victim of empty promises.

What is Local based Servers?
That a good question! You need to understand that cheap website hosting abroad is not the same as local based servers. You see local RSA based servers are 10 times faster, therefore your website visitors will see you website much faster. Losing a potential sale just because you don't understand this term can end up in a lot of money and deals gone. Never settle for less than RSA based hosting servers!

Payment System!
We use ONLY an online payment gateway which you can access from the menu bar. You need to schedule your monthly hosting fee payment via this payment gateway. Other payments like domain names must also be done via our online payment gateway. Only if we can reduce our admin load can we maintain offering these low hosting prices!